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Marking and Proofreading Service

Do you want to boost your grade and get that competitive edge you’ve always wanted?

EasyMarks Marking and Proofreading Service is a perfect way to squeeze some extra marks out of your assignments. So many students lose marks due to poor and incorrect layout, inaccurate proofreading, lack of clarity, grammatically incorrect sentences, and lack of proper referencing.

But with our professional marking and proofreading service, you will get thorough and informative feedback, along with expert proofreading. We offer more than just basic spelling, grammar, consistency, and punctuation check.

Professional Academic Proofreading Services UK

Proofreading is the final and the most important step in the completion of any kind of assignment. But it is also your chance to grab a few extra marks. If done correctly, proofreading can help you achieve a higher grade.

We offer proficient marking and proofreading of essays, dissertations, theses, case studies, coursework papers, research proposals, and other scholarly papers.

At EasyMarks, we have a team of highly skilled editors with a wide range of qualifications. We have editors from almost every academic field. With years of experience in editing all kinds of assignments and academic papers, our editors will help you get those extra marks.

Regardless of your field, we always have a qualified editor with matching qualifications to do your work. Each order goes through rigorous quality controls to ensure that we have met your instructions. We also use the latest plagiarism detection software to give you a comprehensive plagiarism report.

What does our Service include?

We use a structured and straightforward editing process to deliver your paper as soon as we can. Our editors use the “Track Changes” feature in Microsoft Word to help you see all the changes and edits they have made. Our markers will mark your assignments and clearly tell you about any of the mistakes that you have made.

You’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills.

Our proofreading service includes correction of the following:

Alongside your proofread work, the marker will also add some useful comments to explain your mistakes and errors and tell you how to improve your writing skills. You will get an estimate of your current grade as well as detailed feedback from the marker.

How do we Proofread your Assignments?

Our proofreading process consists of a series of steps given below:

1. You have to start by requesting our marking and proofreading services by filling out the order form and giving all the required details. You also need to attach your assignment when placing the order.
2. Once your order is confirmed, we’ll pick a suitable editor for your project who will be an expert in your subject area.
3. Your editor will get started and go through your assignment.
4. Next, they’ll make the required changes, mark your assignment, and add comments to help you improve your writing.
5. Finally, your assignment will be sent to you via email.

UK’s Most Affordable Marking and Proofreading Service

As a student, you are spending your hard-saved money to get expert help on your assignments. And EasyMarks understands that. So, we offer industry-leading marking and proofreading services at the most affordable prices. On top of that, we even offer various discounts to our first-time and loyal clients.

We have strict policies against copied content and plagiarism. Therefore, we practice strict quality controls to always provide you with the best marking and proofreading services in the UK. You can even set a deadline of even 3 hours or less, our writers will deliver edited documents in the specified time.

We’ve kept our prices low to help more and more UK students try out our services and benefit from our academic writing help.

How it works

Our marking with proofreading service is simple and hassle-free - just place your order online and receive the work back by your specified date.

Place an order, telling us what you need and your desired grade


We'll match you with an academic who will start work on your order


Download your marking with proofreading service and use it to improve your grades


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to proofread my assignment?

At the time of placing your order, you have to give us a deadline. Once your order is confirmed, we will assign a suitable editor for your assignment who will complete the proofreading process within the deadline you have given us. But if you want us to proofread your assignment on the same day or even in a few hours, still you can be assured that our professional editors will do it on time.

Can you help me with proofreading? I have already written my assignment.

Yes, we can. EasyMarks also marking and proofreading services for essays, research papers, coursework papers, and even dissertations. So, if you've already completed your assignment and want assistance or an expert opinion, our editors would be more than happy to assist you. They will ensure that your assignment is error-free.

Can you make sure my assignment is plagiarism-free?

Of course. We use the latest plagiarism detection software to ensure that your assignments are 100% plagiarism-free as a part of our marking and proofreading service. When you request our services, we check your documents for mistakes, grammatical errors, and much more. After we have made all edits and added helpful comments, we use the plagiarism detection software and remove plagiarised phrases and sentences if any.

How will I know what changes have you made in my dissertation?

Our editors always use the “track changes” feature in Microsoft Word to highlight all the changes they have made in your documents. So, if there is any mistake or error, your assigned editor will correct it and you will be able to see all those mistakes and learn from them to improve your writing skills.

Is it safe to order from you?

Absolutely! The privacy and happiness of customers are prioritized by EasyMarks. We have rigorous rules in place to secure your personal information. Your information will never be shared with anyone else. Plus! Our payment options are also completely safe. So, you can be confident that our services are safe.

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